If you look carefully at our castings, you will notice a difference. That difference comes from a proprietary process using an electro-magnetic metal delivery system. That systems delivers the lowest porosity ratio, which in turn makes the stands less likely to crack or warp. Also, the stands are not cast in sand. When you cast things in sand a multitude of problems can arise, and consistency is hard to achieve. We use a permanent mold process; this is a reusable metal mold. It uses 20,000 pounds of force during the casting process. The process is also completely automated, giving us the most consistent stands on the market today.  Therefore, it is one of the safest stands on the market today.  

Offset Bracket:

Our patented offset bracket is one of the keys to the versatility of our stands. What this bracket allows you to do is to put our stands on a wide variety of angled trees. This “Batwing”/offset bracket will grip a crooked tree and keep your stand nice and level.